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Payment and Pricing Terms

Credit Value

1 credit = $1

Credits can be used for 365 days from the date of purchase. After 365 days, the credits cannot be used and their value is lost. The Member waives any claims in respect of this time limit.

Purchasing credits

It is necessary to create an account on the Website before credits are purchased.
The minimum credit purchase is 10 credits, the maximum is 1000 credits
Two methods are available to buy credits:
    •    By credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover) through Paypal
    •    By Paypal
Every credit purchase is accompanied with an invoice detailing the payment (a number of credits purchased, and date of purchase).

Royalty Free Works

The Corporation offers royalty free Works, meaning the Member may use acquired image as long and as many times as the Member likes within the terms of the license. Royalty free license prohibits use of images for poster resale, mugs, t-shirts, derivative resale objects. Extended license authorizes use of images for poster resale, mugs, t-shirts, derivative resale objects. The Member may set up to 2 prices, 1 for each license.

Price of Works according to licenses and formats

 Size  Royalty Free License
 Extended License
 500x750  1 credit  20 credits
 Medium  800x1200
 2 credits
 40 credits
 Large  900x1350  4 credits  80 credits
 Extra Large  1200x1800  6 credits  120 credits

Payment to Members

Licenses & pricing

The Member may choose to sell a Work with the Corporation on an exclusive or non-exclusive basis. Exclusive Sale price depends on the special agreement between 3 parties (contributing Member, The Corporation, buying Member). When the Member chooses to sell an image non-exclusively through Corporation’s Website, the minimum commission earned is 40% of the sales price. The Member may earn additional commission depending on the Member’s rank.

Member ranking

Member’s rank is determined by the total number of Works sold. There are 4 levels that represent  Member’s rank and the number of Works sold. The table below outlines each level.

 Number of Works Downloaded  Level
 Under 100
 Between 100 and 250
 Between 250 and  500  Silver
 More than 500  Gold

Prices on non-exclusive basis
Maximum Sale Price
 Member Ranking
Commission %
S Standard M Standard L Standard XL Standard Vector
 Copper  40  2  3  4  5  7
 Bronze  43  2  3  4  5  7
 Silver  46  2  3  4  5  7
 Gold  50  2  3  4  5  7

Method of payment

For each Work sold, the Member is paid a commission in credits defined by preceding paragraphs. The Member can use these credits to purchase photographs or to convert their credits into money. The conversion of credits is done via the use of a free Paypal account

The Member can convert their credits into money which will then be transferred directly into their Paypal . From their Paypal account, the Member can transfer the money into their bank account.

The Corporation charges No Fee for transactions over 50 credits. Transactions less than 50 credits will be a low fixed price of 2 credits whatever the amount of the conversion. Thus you can transfer money as soon as your account contains at least 10 eligible credits. All payments earned are forwarded to your next pay period until you reach the minimum at which point electronic payment occurs automatically. Closing an account before reaching the minimum forfeits all earnings.

For anti-fraud reasons, conversion of Corporation credits through Paypal is not permitted until 45 days after selling your first image.

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